A Geneticist's Evolution into an Artist

As a scientist I have always been fascinated by the beauty and complexity of life. Equipped with a background in molecular biology and biochemistry, I investigated the intricacies of gene expression, animal development, and protein aggregation. As an artist, I continue to be inspired by the molecular world, creating unique works that capture the essence of life. 


Visuals can intimately resonate with the human mind, and a picture can express more than a thousand words. Being passionate about visualizing complex concepts, I combine my scientific education and love for art to effectively communicate science to a broader audience. Captivating graphics drastically expand the target audience of research, and make individual ideas stick among experts as well as non-specialists.

With over 7 years of experience working closely with researchers, academic institutions, and biomedical companies I am always on the lookout for new collaborative opportunities and ventures. If you are interested in transforming your research into a visual masterpiece or seeking to enhance public engagement with science, drop me a line!

Scientific Background

Holding a PhD in Genetics and having 10 years of experience in the lab I can extract the abstract essence of research and know the workings of the scientific mind

Creative Thinking

As an Artist I love exploring new ideas and pushing boundaries when transforming your science into a visual masterpiece – To me every creation is a unique piece of Art

Communication Skills

Being an expert communicator with a talent for conveying complex scientific concepts, I visualize information in engaging and accessible ways across media formats