Drosophila muralis

Spraypaint on concrete - Donaukanal Vienna

The Science

Drosophila melanogaster is the allstar of model organism research for more than a century. Its short generation time and prolific reproduction render it an exceptional system to study genetics and molecular biology – from this tiny insect we probably learned more about animal biology than from any other organism in the world. The fly’s well-characterized genome, along with a wealth of available genetic tools, make it invaluable in advancing our understanding of life.

The Art

Drosophila in front of a galactic cloud of DNA letters, which contain all the information needed to assemble such an intricate organism. The idea of complex organisms emerging from DNA sequences is reflected in this painting, which pays a tribute to all the flies that advanced our understanding of Genetics and Development. Model organisms are the real heroes of Biology, and often the big answers to complex questions are found in  small organisms.

Making of timelapse