Human Heart Organoids

Illustrating the scientific process of generating cardioids - human heart organoids - to study the Biology of the heart

The Science

Human heart organoids are miniature, simplified versions of the heart created in the lab from stem cells. Scientists guide these cells to develop into heart cells by mimicking the environment of a growing heart. The resulting cardioids are used to study heart development, disease, and to test new medicines offering a promising tool for cardiac research. Curious about details? Check out the paper from Sasha Mendjan’s lab at the IMBA Vienna!

The Art

This artistic representation, evocative of Da Vinci’s sketches, captures the essence of heart organoid research. It depicts a transition from a detailed anatomical heart to abstract cellular formations, and finally, to a heart structure forming in the third dimension. The image portrays the investigative journey from organic complexity to simplified models, reflecting how scientists distill the intricate workings of the human heart into organoids for research.